Emma, Jesse Eisenberg, Melissa Leo & Tracy Morgan-Predisposed

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Oscar nominee Jesse Eisenberg (The Social Network), Oscar winner Melissa Leo (The Fighter), and 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan have signed on to star in the indie comedy Predisposed. The trio will play a Julliard-hopeful, his drug-addicted mother, and said mother’s drug dealer, Sprinkles, respectively. Sarah Ramos (Parenthood) is also starring.  Predisposed will be directed by Oscar nominated scribe/co-writer Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) & Philip Dorling both sharing co-writing credits as well.

A brief synopsis, the comedy will center on the dysfunctional relationship between Eisenberg, his little sister played by Emma Rayne Lyle and his mother played by Melissa Leo. The story is set on a day in which the Eisenberg’s character is interviewing for Julliard.

Leo played the role of Eisenberg’s junkie mom as she made the same turn when Predisposed screened at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival as a short directed by Philip Dorling. Shooting on this promising feature length version of Predisposed is set to begin in June.

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